To all railway personnel, enthusiasts and friends

For more than 100 years, railways have been the predominant means of land transport across the largest part of the planet. They have been the means that has contributed significantly to the explosion of industrialization over the last centuries, are indissolubly linked to the historical memories and traditions of the peoples and still are the means for the land transport of passengers and freight at a much lower cost compared to other means of land and air transport.

RAILWAYS are considered to be the most cost-effective, productive, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe, in other words, the best, passenger and freight transport means.

  • More cost-effective: Railways require a horsepower of about one horse per gross hauled ton, while relevant means of road transport require at least 10 horses.
  • More productive: Freight transport that requires the use of a few dozens of lorries can be achieved by only one train.
  • Friendlier to the environment: There is no doubt about this at a global level, especially in the case of electric traction units. The negative impacts on the natural environment, which result from the construction and operation of the railway network, are very limited compared to those of a motorway or an air transport system.
  • More comfortable: The conditions during a train journey are clearly and by far the best, compared to any other means of transport. It is also known that “when using railways, you are not transported: you are traveling”.
  • Safer: If the number of passengers lost is calculated per unit of time, rail transport is as safe as air transport. If the calculation is made on the basis of the total number of journeys made, railways are six times safer than airplanes.

Therefore, we kindly ask for your contribution and support to the effort of the Panhellenic Association of Graduate Engineers T.E. of OSE to launch the procedure aiming at the establishment of November 11th, as the annual World Railway Day.