About us

A few months ago, we investigated the United Nations website and found out that there were approximately 140 World Days, but no World Railway Day.

There is only the World Day of Railway Personnel Action, which is celebrated every year in April, by decision of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

We believe that railway passengers – travelers and the global railway family would like and support the establishment of a World Railway Day.

We are confident that all Railway personnel around the world have the same passion and pride for their profession as they work for the best, most cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and safest means of passenger and freight transport.

Following the contacts of the Panhellenic Association of Graduate Engineers T.E. of OSE with the Greek Delegation of the United Nations in Brussels, we were informed that in order to establish a world day, the United Nations General Assembly will have to meet, following a relevant proposal made by one or some of its Member States.

Therefore, we created this website and we invite all railway staff around the world to support and assist in this effort by signing our resolution, addressed to the United Nations. Your signature aims at establishing November 11th as the annual World Railway Day.

The ownership of the idea lies with the President of our Association, Mr. Nikos Kondylas.